Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Generac Portable Generators

Portable Generators come in all shapes and sizes, but which one's right for you?  The first question you need to ask yourself is what you are using it for.  There are several styles that are intended for particular uses, so you may end up overpaying for under-powering.  The three basic styles are emergency, recreational and professional use. 

Generac portable generators are some of the most popular generators on the market & the most common application is going to be providing backup power to your home during a blackout.  Generac labels these emergency generators under the "GP" series, and are designed for occasional use only.  They are affordable and can pack a punch.  The GP5500 starts at under $700 and features 5500 running watts capable of powering several survival appliances such as your refrigerator, light, sump pump and furnace fan.  You can step up to the Generac GP7500E for a little extra power to power multiple rooms.

Recreational generators are great for tailgating and camping, and are designed to provide clean, quiet power.  They typically have limited power capabilities, usually found in the 800-3000 watt range.  The Generac iX800 features an inverter alternator keeping the noise and weight to a minimum, weighing in at under 28 lbs.  It also has an eco mode that will reduce fuel consumption and noise even further.

Generac professional generators are truly professional grade, engineered specifically with contractors in mind.  The Generac XP series generators, like the Generac XP8000E, are designed to withstand the tough demands of extended job site use, and feature pressurized lubrication systems, less than 5% THD, full panel GFCI protection, and a tough steel tube cradle.